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5 Reasons Your Patient May Need Dental Implants

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2023

As dental implants continue to improve and become more reliable alternatives for patients, you’ll find many new reasons to recommend them. Dental implants can solve a variety of dental issues, so be on the lookout for these reasons your patient may need dental implants.


Patients can end up with missing teeth for a variety of reasons. Whether the result of an accident or genetics, missing teeth don’t have to entail serious harm or risk to your patient. However, if your patient is self-conscious or would simply prefer to have the standard amount of teeth, dental implants are the perfect solution.

Jawbone Deterioration and Changes in Facial Structure

A patient with missing teeth may experience deterioration of their jawbone over time. The space where the missing tooth is will begin to decay, and the jawbone may deteriorate slowly. As the jawbone is a key facial feature, this process can affect the shape of the face.

Luckily, dental implants do a fantastic job of preventing this deterioration. If you notice that your patient’s jawbone is beginning to lose mass or strength in a certain area, a bone grafting procedure followed by a dental implant can be the best solution for the patient.

Infected Teeth

Another reason your patient may need dental implants is the presence of an infected tooth. A tooth infection can be incredibly painful and wreak havoc on a patient’s dental and overall health. If you see clear signs of an ongoing infection or damage caused by a previous infection, you can offer your patient the option of removing the problem tooth and replacing it with an implant.

Short-Term Solutions Aren’t Enough

For patients with a long history of repeated dental work, an implant can be the more permanent solution to their jaw or teeth issues. Rather than constantly needing to do work on a problem area, a dental implant can remove the issue at its root, giving the patient a much-needed reprieve from constant dental work.

Poor Experience With Dentures

Dentures that don’t fit correctly or cause discomfort can be a serious hassle for a lot of patients. If your patient expresses dissatisfaction with their dentures, dental implants may be the better option for long-term health and comfort. After all, dental implants tend to require less maintenance over time and are more practical.

If you’re interested in the reasons your patients may need dental implants, you might be interested in dental implant courses. At Simply Implants Institute, we offer you the education and hands-on experience you need to continue improving your knowledge and skills. Check out our courses today!


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