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Can General Dentists Perform Tooth Extractions?

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2023

As an expert in the field of dental care, understanding if you can perform certain procedures is key. Because tooth extractions are so common, it’s especially important to know when a general dentist can perform the procedure and when the situation calls for a more specialized professional.

Can general dentists perform tooth extractions? The answer requires an understanding of the differences between simple and surgical extractions and which professionals can perform each procedure. Oral surgeons often handle more complex surgical extractions, but with the right training, general dentists can also confidently perform this procedure. Learn more about the intricacies of tooth extractions and their required qualifications with this guide.

Simple Extractions vs. Surgical Extractions

Tooth extractions are a routine procedure for people of any age. Generally speaking, the two types of tooth extractions are simple and surgical.

A simple extraction is the removal of a tooth that is visible in the mouth, which means the dentist can access the tooth without the need for an incision. During this type of procedure, dentists use instruments such as forceps to loosen the tooth so that they can take it out in one piece.

In contrast, surgical extractions involve making an incision within the gums and may even require using bone-cutting instruments to access an impaction tooth. Because this procedure is more complicated, it requires more training and qualifications to perform.

When Is a Surgical Extraction Necessary?

Can general dentists perform tooth extractions? In the case of a simple extraction, the answer is yes. These procedures are straightforward, and any general dentist can perform them in the office.

However, some extractions involve extra steps or complications. Surgical tooth extraction is necessary when a tooth has cracks, breaks, infections, or decay or if it has not yet erupted through the gum line. Other complications, such as limited jaw mobility or awkward teeth positioning that hinders access to the tooth, might also lead to the need for a surgical extraction. In these cases, an oral surgeon or a general dentist who has undergone specialized training will need to perform a surgical extraction.

Provide the Care Your Patients Need

General dentists can easily perform simple tooth extractions, but some situations require a more complex surgical extraction. In these situations, dentists need to have the proper training and experience to safely and effectively treat their patients. Provide the care your patients need with Simply Implant Institute’s comprehensive, hands-on extraction courses for general dentists. We’ll help you hone your skills and expand your knowledge so that you can treat your patients effectively, no matter what type of extraction the situation calls for.


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