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Helpful Tips for Improving Your Dental Skills

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2023

Being a skilled and trustworthy dentist goes so far beyond just knowing the information found in textbooks and medical journals. A truly great dentist never sits on their laurels or lets their skills atrophy. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, working on the basics of dentistry and improving those skills is essential. We’ll give you a few tips for improving your dental skills that should put you ahead of those who don’t continue to learn.

Practice a Dexterous Skill

Superior hand skills and having the ability to move your hands exactly the way you want to are crucial to being a successful dentist. Hand-eye coordination needs to be carefully developed and nurtured over time, as you can start to lose it if you’re not careful. Certain hobbies and skills that you do in your free time can help you maintain the dexterity you need to succeed. Artistic pursuits such as drawing, painting, and pottery can help improve these skills. Even playing video games can build up your hand-eye coordination over time.

Understand Mirror Skills

While practicing your dexterity and working on hand skills are important, you’ll also want to become intimately familiar with using mirrors and reflections at the same time as those skills. No matter how skilled you think you are under normal circumstances, the view from a dental mirror can throw you off if you aren’t able to adjust quickly. Developing better indirect vision through the use of a mirror can help you excel as a dentist.

Bring Shaky Hands Under Control

Shaky hands are common in students and newer dentists, and they’re nothing to be ashamed of. Even more experienced dentists can develop shakier hands over time, but there are ways to manage this issue. Adjusting your grasp on your tools can help a lot if your hands get tired quickly. For some people with shaky hands, a fulcrum can help them ground themselves and reduce the shakes.

Seek Out Reliable Feedback

Perhaps the most important tip for developing and improving your dental skills is to find someone who can give you honest and constructive feedback. For many dentists, this comes in the form of more experienced dentists in continuing education courses. No matter how long you’ve been practicing for or how skilled you think you are, listening to criticism and feedback from others is the best way to understand your flaws and places where there are opportunities to improve.

Simply Implant Institute is one such place where you can find feedback from trustworthy sources. Our dental implant courses allow you to improve your skills in a productive environment with plenty of opportunities to grow and develop your skills.


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