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What To Look For in an Implant Dentistry Course

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2023

When you start looking for courses to take to improve and expand your dentistry skills, you’ll want to examine your options carefully. Implant dentistry is something you have to learn through practice and repetition, but not every course offers this kind of instruction. This is what to look for in an implant dentistry course so you can be sure you’re getting useful information and building your confidence in performing the procedure.

Hands-On Training

While watching someone else perform the implant process or looking at videos can certainly help you, nothing can beat hands-on experience. You want to make sure that any implant dentistry course you take won’t just give you some hands-on training. It should also provide opportunities to practice so you can get comfortable with the procedure and challenges you might run into when performing it.

Live Patient Practice

When looking for an implant dentistry course, it’s a good idea to find one that allows you to work on live patients. Every patient offers unique challenges and requires you to learn to be flexible throughout your training. On top of that, working with real patients makes it easier to transition to working on your own patients once you’ve finished the course. Going from a model to a real patient can be quite daunting, so it’s best to do it in an instructional environment where you have assistance.

Attention From Instructors

A quality hands-on implant course will have an experienced instructor who can teach the most important aspects of the procedure clearly. More than just that, they will be available to help you through the beginning stages of learning the new procedure with focused attention. Try to avoid courses with larger class sizes as you won’t get the same attention from your instructor that you would in a more intimate class setting.

Comprehensive Knowledge

Dental implant procedures are about far more than just putting the implant where it needs to go and then forgetting about it. You will need comprehensive knowledge about how to prepare patients for the procedure, the most common things you might see during an implant, how to deal with unexpected situations, and more. A more thorough course will give you confidence and prepare you for anything.

You’re already in the right place to enroll in an implant dentistry course that has all these qualities. Simply Implants Institute offers hands-on training from experienced instructors that will prepare you for doing these procedures in your own practice.


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