Hands-On Sinus Lift Courses

One of the most significant issues that many dental professionals run into while preparing for an implant is that there may not be enough bone tissue (or the bone tissue isn’t of high enough quality) to safely hold the implant in place. In some cases, bone grafting is an option that can solve the issue, but this isn’t always possible. A sinus lift—also sometimes called sinus augmentation or sinus grafting—can help to correct this issue, but not all dental professionals are familiar with this procedure.

To fix this gap of knowledge, we offer sinus lift courses here at the Simply Implants Institute that can teach dental professionals how to perform this procedure that could end up significantly improving a patient’s wellbeing.

Practical Knowledge and Applications

Sinus grafting can be immensely helpful for certain patients who have lost bone density in areas such as the upper back jaw. This procedure can greatly improve the patient’s ability to successfully take an implant, but it requires hands-on training to really understand how to perform it safely and effectively. When you study with us here at the Simply Implants Institute, you will receive plenty of hands-on training with expert instructors. They’ll help you gain the skills and confidence you need to perform the procedure on your own patients.

Efficient Learning, Effective Treatment

One of our key strengths is how much information we pack in our sinus lift courses. We consolidated all the essentials into a course that will get you the skills you need without wasting your valuable time. You can find everything you need to learn about sinus augmentation in preparation for an implant in this course, and you’ll have the hands-on training necessary to feel it out quickly. Improve upon what you already know when you contact us here at the Simply Implants Institute; you’ll return to your patients more informed than ever before.

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